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Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels. She’s not me — I think she’s beautiful.

The challenge of writing an About Me story when you write under a pen name is you can’t reveal the whole story, but when do we really ever do that anyway?

Here, you get to know the side of me that’s less inhibited. I write about sexuality. I write erotica…

A scintillating progress report for the 3rd quarter

Closeup of sexy woman’s legs in wide fishnet style stockings. Very sexy vibe.
Photo by Kamaji Ogino from Pexels

Do you prefer erotica that leaves more to your imagination or stories that are explicit in descriptions of sex? I’m curious and would love to read your answers in the comments below or as a private message. …

NSFW MF Erotica

“Mmmmm.” Claire moaned and stroked the velvety fabric to show her approval.

Black woman in sexy pose on her stomach, finger to her lip. Wearing a leopard print leotard style body suit and leopard print high heels. Long, curly black hair. Sultry makeup.
Photo by Darcy Delia from Pexels

When Betty’s Toy Box reached out to me inviting to review some of their sex toy arsenal, I was ecstatic. I messaged Emma Austin for a little info on how her relationship with Betty’s has been. Very, very good, I found out.

Instead of writing a review of these products…

Warning: these accounts are aesthetically beautiful and might make you thirsty AF

A woman suggestively holds a finger to her lips. Her hair is swept back in a messy bun. She wears rings and a necklace but the image suggests she is naked, though we only see above her breasts.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Content Warning: If you choose to make your way over to Twitter and peruse these accounts, it’s likely you’ll see full nudity of men and women, sex across the LGBTQ spectrum, and the many different kinds of sex in which humans engage. …

MF Erotica

Flora tosses and turns wanting sex all night. Then, the morning comes.

Shadow of person’s arm and hand above a bed. Morning light.

Flora lay in bed, snuggling into Tom’s plaid flannel sheets. She turned away from him and let her butt move a little closer to his crotch. She glanced at the blinds. Light spilled through in tiny slats of dancing shadow on the cream-colored wall.

She let her hand move across…

The quantity over quality quandary in the world of sex toy reviews

Screencap from Sohimi website.

You all! I’ve been putting off writing sex toy reviews. Why? What in the world is wrong with me?! Well, I just wasn’t feeling thirsty (apparently that’s the new horny and Twitter had to teach it to me just this year — yes I’m not a spring chicken anymore). But…

A “who’s who” list for readers and writers who seek high-quality sexual content.

Sultry, sexy woman with short brown hair sit on floor in front of laptop. One shoulder strap is falling down and her legs are crossed. Very sexy photo.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

All writers on this list are, to my knowledge, sex-positive and inclusive. They either write nonfiction sexuality articles, erotica, erotic poetry, or a combination of the three. There are many quality Sexuality and Erotica writers on the platform. …

Reading erotica and sexuality articles and writing them has empowered my own involvement in the sex-positivity movement

Athletic man holds up athletic woman above his shoulders by using his his hands. We see his bull body as he looks up and strains to hold her. We see her white shoes and a tattoo on her thigh. Her body is cropped around her waist at the top of the image.

Sometimes, I allow myself to take a few steps back and am stunned that I’ve only been writing sexuality articles and erotica for about 8 months. …

MF Erotica

An erotic short story

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Angela sat in the living room with her great Aunt Susan. She sipped on the Early Grey tea and tasted the lemon and honey with a splash of bourbon that was knocking it all back quite nicely. She looked over at her husband, Ryan, and smiled. “Well, Aunt Susan, I…

Eva Rotolo

Sexuality and Erotica Writer. (affiliate link). Collabs, etc.: 🔥

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