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MFF Edging Erotica

I’ve been friends with Mac and Laura for years — we met back in college. We’ve always been flirty, especially me with Laura.

When we talked about having a Friends With Benefits type of relationship layered into our longstanding friendship, I was nervous.

It’s been a few months now and…

MFF Erotica | Blowjob | Stripping | Threesome

nude woman in angel wings
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Josie was over at her mom’s house helping move a heavy armoire. “Dang, Josie, have you been working out?” her mom asked. Josie glanced down and saw her medium-sized boobs standing firm beneath her exercise tank and her bicep muscles bulging enough to make her arms look awfully sexy. Josie…

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The First Time — Guilt and Embarrassment

The first time I received anal sex I was 20 or 21 years old. I don’t remember the act so much as the humiliation afterward.

My boyfriend, who’d just fucked my virgin ass for the first time, announced to a roomful of friends that “She let me fuck her in…


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Sometimes I’m not that confident in giving my husband Thomas blowjobs. He even says they’re his least favorite sex act. Still, I love sucking him off from time to time.

But I have a small mouth and tire easily. When I’m in the right mood though, I love making love…

Sexy Black and White Photo-Inspired Erotic Fiction Series

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels

Kelly and Joseph had been dating for 7 months when she decided it was time to announce her preference for some light BDSM play. She wasn’t sure how it’d go. Joseph was a great kisser and they’d had pretty good — if mundane and missionary-style — sex.

She wanted to…

Photo by Ali Pazani from Pexels. Happy New Year 2022!

In January of 2021, I started writing erotica and sexuality content. And, damn, did it turn me onnnnnn! I think it turns on some of you all, too — over 1,000 of you so far. 😘

This is a huge thank you for your support. Off the top of my…

Eva Rotolo

Sexuality and Erotica Writer. (affiliate link). Collabs, etc.: 🔥

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