“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”― Charles Dickens

Screenshot of Demeter Delune’s “About Me” cover image.
Screenshot of Demeter Delune’s “About Me” cover image.

Demeter Delune is a kind, compassionate, badass sexuality educator — and, she’s having a very difficult time.

Her husband, Damian Delune, is in prison. He contracted COVID in prison. Demeter is at home, rendered helpless to the situation. They must wait. And, waiting in any circumstance isn’t easy.

This is…

NSFW MF Erotica

“Mmmmm.” Claire moaned and stroked the velvety fabric to show her approval.

Black woman in sexy pose on her stomach, finger to her lip. Wearing a leopard print leotard style body suit and leopard print high heels. Long, curly black hair. Sultry makeup.
Photo by Darcy Delia from Pexels

When Betty’s Toy Box reached out to me inviting to review some of their sex toy arsenal, I was ecstatic. I messaged Emma Austin for a little info on how her relationship with Betty’s has been. Very, very good, I found out.

Instead of writing a review of these products…

Eva Rotolo

Sexuality and Erotica Writer. https://evarotolo.medium.com/membership (affiliate link). Collabs, etc.: evarotolo222@gmail.com https://twitter.com/rotolo_eva 🔥

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